What types of organizations do you support?

We support the learning needs of various organizations, including schools, non-profits and various organizations.  

My school/organization is currently closed due to COVID.  Can we still get services?
Absolutely.  We offer the option of remote learning services on a Zoom platform for our events, whether your organization is closed or not.   

What types of programs do you offer? 
Please refer to our programs for a list of the programs that are currently running.

How is your program structured? 

Our programs are designed in such a way that we may tailor the classes to fit the age group and range to respond to your organization's needs.

What's your schedule like?  
The needs of each school, group or organization vary. Therefore the schedule, frequency and class size may be adapted.  

What are the rates for this service?  

As the needs vary according to the school, the rates will as well. Please contact us with your needs.

How can we have updates and future services on your programs?
Please sign-up for our newsletter.  You will receive updated news about us.  We also invite you to read our blog and visit this website regularly.

Have more questions?

Contact us.