Welcome to Aduna Academy! We're delighted you're considering joining us. At Aduna, we believe that diversity is America’s greatest asset, and as such, we support schools and related organizations with programs that celebrate  that unique richness. We specialize in courses and events showcasing  the legacy of Africans and African Americans in the areas of arts, culture, literature, poetry and self-improvement.  Please take a tour, ask questions and explore all that our programs can do for you. Check out our curriculum and pedagogical model. Meet our team and ambassadors and do not hesitate to connect with us through our blog and contact pages.

This term, as our "Beat Covid" campaign continues, as seen in above footage, we seek and explore values, activities and narratives that keep us inspired. Each one of them has its unique way of molding us, empowering us, giving us grounding and hope in this unprecedented time. As best expressed by our ambassadors, wear your mask, get your vaccine when it's your turn, and live life to the fullest!

Kind regards,