- Finding joy in the simplest moments of the day.  Just one of the concepts Aduna students learn


We witnessed a deeply disturbing attack on democracy on Wednesday, when violent white supremacist insurrectionists stormed the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to undo a fair and legal election. The stark differences between how peaceful Black and brown protesters have been treated for years relative to Wednesday’s coup again call attention to the open wound of systemic racism, and highlight the work we still have to do to create a more just and equitable global society.

As students like you work diligently toward pursuing higher education, I urge you in moments like this to continue that pursuit. An educated, just, and more equitable society has never been more critical, and a college education is still the best investment you can make for your future. Our community needs bright minds like you to help us all achieve a better world. 


College Acceptances

We are excited to announce that our first batches of college acceptances are trickling in.  Congratulations to everyone for your fantastic acheivements. Your hard work is paying off. It's students like you who make what we do so meaningful.  And still to come, the Aduna 2020 Student of the Year Award!

Who we are
We are a team of ...

What we do

We produce books, publications, programs and events centered around the topic of diversity and specifically Africa: culture, history, wisdom etc..


How we do it




Rich with true stories, wisdom and relevant facts and data, this seminar enriches student experience in the areas of social-emotional well being, diversity, multi-cultural awareness etc.

Why we do it

Recent events of racial unrest have shown us that ..

We beleive there's no better way to acheive peace than by communicating: learning about the other.  By teaching people about Africa and the black experience, we open doors to better understanding between people.

- To educate young people about Africa and the black experience

- To lift voices of young Africans and show them their voices can be heard

- To defy and change common stereotypes

-come together harmoniously in this

-tackles head onissues facing today's teens, from peer pressure to COVID-19, to the race relations crisis ignited by George Floyd's killing. ​  find a safe place to breathe, connect with peers as well as tips and strategies on how to deal with the

This humanities module is delivered as an interactive session and 


Empowerment through knowledge of self. 

  • Change the World
    Build confidence by serving as a vector of change.  Make a difference by working on meaningful, ground-breaking community service projects and be connected with  students from different parts of the city or... the word. 

  • It integrates a Healing Space:  Social Emotional class to help participants find a safe place to breathe, connect with peers and express themselves freely around the issues facing today's teens from COVID-19, to the race relations crisis ignited by George Floyd's killing.

Never stop learning.  Education is pwer.    Get inspired and motivated by your peer group.  Hear from sucessful college candidates themselves and learn tips and strategies for a smooth college admission process.   

Community & Ancestry  Empowerment through knowledge of self. A true cultural cultural journey through the motherland.

Change the World
Build confidence by serving as a vector of change.  Make a difference by participating in meaningful, ground-breaking projects and be connected to change makers from different parts of the city or... the word.  


Move to support

Welcome to Change the World!

Change the World is the section of our program where we explore ways to make a difference and foster change. Wondering how to give purpose to your life ? Trying to decide what to do outside of school? What extra-curricular class or community service activity to choose? 

In this class, we take on meaningful social justice and community service projects, such as our most recent, COVID-Resilient. Let's join forces and take a step towards creating change every day.  


This March, as many of us have been sheltering and staying safe at home, at AdunaKids*, our service learning program, our team of Global Ambassadors have been working hard at home to find creative ways to make a difference.  As a result, the COVID-19 Project was born, an initiative to keep the most vulnerable part of society safe and healthy: young, orphan and sometimes homeless children.   

In this video, our students are working with young children in an orphanage in Dakar. The afternoon was spent making them snacks, providing them cleaning supplies and masks, and discussing the principles of staying safe in COVID-19 times.  


Congratulations to all of them for their spirit of innovation and generosity!"

AdunaKids*, the Aduna Academy service program, is an opportunity for students to make a difference by participating in community service projects in Africa. Interested in joining, supporting this program? Contact us.

Welcome to Explore your Roots!

Exploring your roots will turn out to be the most rewarding exercise you'll ever partake in. 

Our MissionAduna Academy is a community-based educational program with a grassroots mission of supporting youth reach their full potential and be active participants in the building of a new, strong, and just America.  By helping participants develop into stronger, more balanced individuals, we build better communities and therefore advance social justice.     

Congratulations to all of you, our terrific graduates!

The 2020 academic year has been everything but simple, and this ceremony (though virtual) holds a special and historic place in our hearts, as communities across the nation (and the world) are faced with multiple crises.  But you proved to be resilient and adaptable.  

Back in March, when the world was coming to terms with the devastating effects of the horrific COVID-19 pandemic, you pulled together and showed your generosity by lending a hand to those who have less than you. You jump-started the COVID-19 project, collected donations and along with AdunaCares, were able to help underpriviledged children. Face coverings and hand sanitizers were delivered, as well as valuable COVID-19 recommendations for younger children.

Right in the middle of this unprecedented crisis, where communities of color were disportionately affected, the brutal images of George Floyd's murder hit our screens. These past few months, you brainstormed, e-mailed, phoned, zoomed, zoomed, and zoomed again to voice your despair and ask for social justice.

Despite the challenges of 2020, you showed no less ardor in your determination to build a just society and make a better world. You are more resilient than ever before, adaptable, positive and full of hope for the future.  It's difficult not to feel inspired by your resilient spirit.  

Congratulations, class of 2020!

Best wishes for a wonderful summer!