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"Currently, as we continue to deal with what we can call one of the most profound tests on our society with simultaneous crises:  the COVID-19 pandemic, the crisis in race relations and the climate change challenge, we seek and explore values, activities and narratives that keep us inspired. Each one of them has its unique way of molding us, empowering us, giving us grounding and hope in this unprecedented time.  Scroll down for more news this term on all the components of our program."

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Aduna 2020 Student of the Year 

We are excited to announce that our Aduna 2020 Student of the Year Award Winner has been selected. Congratulations to Xiomara Larkin, from Sacred Heart High School.  It's students like you who make what we do so meaningful.  Meet Xiomara.


A gift with a purpose

We're delighted to share the release from our bookstore of "The African Princess", a beautiful storybook for all, young and old. Please support our cause by ordering your copy today